Man picks fight with MMA coach over parking dispute, ends up twitching on ground after one kick

Recently, a shocking video has been circulating around on WeChat appearing to show a man being kicked brain dead during a fight on the street.
In the video, a man in a yellow shirt is seen approaching and shoving a man in a red shirt who appears to be trying to tell him to back off. Eventually, the man in the yellow shirt grabs the other man by the neck and throws him to the ground.
Quickly, the man in the red shirt gets back up, gets in a fighting stance and tries to kick his opponent in the face. He misses, but he quickly gets up again, grabs his adversary’s leg and brings him to the ground while delivering a swift kick to the man’s jaw.
That kick appears to turn the man in the yellow shirt into a vegetable as he is seen horrifically twitching around on the ground as frightened passersby scuffle past.
According to The Paper, the fight took place in a Chongqing neighborhood following a parking dispute. The man in the yellow shirt reportedly studies Muay Thai, while the man in the red shirt is an MMA instructor and freestyle fighting champion.
Though things may look bad for the man in the yellow shirt, fortunately, the chairman of a local fight club told reporters that, in fact, the kick had simply triggered muscles spasms in the man and that after a bit he was perfectly fine — though perhaps unwilling to go a second round.
You can watch video of the fight below:

[Images via The Paper]

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