Taiwan airport offers fake flights to nowhere for travel-starved passengers

After being stuck at home for months because of the coronavirus outbreak, some travel-hungry people in Taiwan have headed out to the airport and boarded a plane, even though their destination is nowhere.

With most overseas flights banned since March, Taipei’s Songshan Airport has taken the opportunity to launch a special tour where groups of people will get to enjoy all the highlights of air travel, apart from actually flying anywhere.

The “travelers” arrive at the airport and go through a mock ticket and passport control before queuing up to get on their plane where they find a seat and sit down for a few minutes before exiting the plane and ending their journey.

The “tour” was dreamed up by managers at the Songshan Airport as a way of helping people get over their travel blues.

When the airport announced the event last month, it had more than 7,000 applicants. Following a random lottery, 60 of those were chosen for the maiden trip on Thursday. There will be two more flights to nowhere in the next week.